'ARTS' Magazine

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  • Creating a Fashion / Lifestyle or Art and Design magazine ◊ Designed using a minimalistic approach via a blank canvas for the work to stand out.

  • Two-thirds of a page should be photographs. People will often buy a magazine based on the pictures, with the text content being the secondary role. Photographs and pictures should, therefore, be the main focus when considering the layout.



Creating an attention-grabbing cover was crucial in terms of selling the magazine once it’s been produced. An illustrative cover can look unique and modern, and gives the reader an idea of what to expect inside. I designed my magazine cover in a way that would draw people’s attention. I made the cover look less flat by sending the header to the back of the page, making my model stand out. I used a strong, balanced header and a layout that is graphically bold. The front cover is the focal point of grabbing a reader’s attention, which is why I wanted to make it simple and striking. This makes my magazine more intriguing, and with less information on the cover page it will emerge and stand out to buyers who are browsing for a suitable magazine.

Using colour moderately within the spreads helped me avoid making them look cheap and tacky. A vibrant splash of colour that stands out on each page can look much more striking. Rather than using bright colours, I tried a pastel approach instead. Typography tends to set the identity and mood of the magazine. It’s important not to use more than three typefaces, as too many will cause confusion and it’s better to stick to simplicity. I placed some of my images slightly off centre to give the layout a subtle art look.