Collage Spreads

We go through life continually taking photographs on our phones, often these images are taken in haste and never get thought about again. I revisited some of my images in order to interrogate my instincts as an image-maker. I scrolled through my images, choosing many that were ones I forgot I had taken. Often we dont take note of our instincts, and these are the pictures that we should use to pick apart our thought process. The aim was to create spreads that touch on the visual connections between the photographs, interrogating the images and connections between them.


I was looking forward to questioning and interrogating what draws my interest. When looking through my phone for images I was trying to pick out the photographs that I had taken in the spur of a moment, ones that stood out to me because I’d taken them without too much thought as to why. Once I had collected a number of photographs, I tried categorising them into themes/subject wise. I started making visual connections between the images and created a visual map in which I interrogated the images and connections between them.

IMG_0881 2.JPG

I ended up with 3 different themes. This spread evolved from a collection of images I took during a walk. Unintentionally, I had noticed the structure of various roofs and decided to capture a number of them. I’d completely forgotten I had taken them and never actually went back to them to make anything of it.


Structure / architecture / form / unintentional

IMG_0879 2.JPG

This spread is based on photographs I had taken as we’d recently moved into our new flat. We have a lot of mirrors and reflections which dart across the rooms, especially once the sun shines through various windows. These photographs emerged as a result of me noticing these reflections.

Light / reflection / shapes

IMG_0880 2.JPG

This collection of images was developed from photographs that I took while on a journey. I’ve always found travelling an interesting aspect. What I find especially intriguing is that when you’re travelling you’re never where you want to be, you’re always trying to get from one place to another. Maybe this is why people are so impatient when it comes to travel? My point being, when people travel, they often carry out this task without much thought, with their mind dwelling on other things in life. And it seems as though I took these pictures in that exact state of mind too.

Travel / transport / location / journey

I would definitely like to carry on creating more spreads in this way. Revisiting images tends to have a nostalgic effect, especially if we come across images that we only half remember taking. Drawing upon your instincts is vital, but even though they're instincts, we may not necessarily be aware of them. It’s important to be able to understand, take note and reflect on the things we are overtly and covertly drawn to. This process encouraged me to question why I recorded certain elements, particularly visual language, actions, subjects, colour, form and typography.