'Current Edge' Magazine

Self-Initiated Project 

The following mockups are part of a recent Self-Initiated Project in which I’m creating a magazine. Much of my work relies on making art that is based on current world issues. I also have a keen interest in people and their personalities. I’m often inspired to make work that has either been influenced by people or is about people. Other interests include magazines, layout design and design editing. Placing these findings of my work into our current situation, I’ve felt it best to create a magazine that explores people’s situation in the pandemic. As my work depends strongly on visual representation, storytelling and putting things into perspective, I aim to explore ways in which we, as a community, are able to stay connected.



  • Building a visual archive that analyses how world issues impact our society and how this impacts on us

  • Explore our understanding of how visual practice and social relationships combine to indicate our position in human culture

  • Prototyping experimental, innovative and experiential outcomes



In this spread, I created an illustrative placard using stencilling techniques to interpret my slogan and images. Coronavirus has quite understandably affected the entire world in many negative ways. Although it takes time to adapt to new ways of living and learning I’ve tried keeping a positive attitude towards being quarantined, in an attempt to make the best out of a bad situation. I’ve tried representing this in my placard by showing ways in which people have managed to keep themselves busy, or finding productive ways to spend their time.​​

Current Edge Illustrationv.png

Being confined to a limited area makes us reflect on how we utilise spaces for different needs. Suddenly we have to convert our kitchen into an office, and our living room into a workout zone. Which part of our living space have we come to appreciate the most?


In these photographs and spreads, I was inspired to capture the banality of life. I’ve taken something very simple in an attempt to create quiet and minimal images. I started focusing on various objects around my flat. I took a lot of close-ups, drawing attention to simple things I am surrounded by. Although they may not be original or fascinating items to start off with, I’ve tried to create some compelling photographs combining contrast, light and simplicity.


I have built up a body of work that is diverse in its techniques and processes by exploring various methods and practices. Having related my publication to a specific audience, it also links to the wider world through entrepreneurship. I’ve created a type of coffee table book/magazine for intellectuals and sophisticated designers who are intrigued how art is able to reflect on current affairs.

Current Edge Simplicity.png
Current Edge Banality.png
Current Edge Reflection.png
Current Edge Banality 2.png