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Spark, Sketch & Wear Collection

The 'Spark, Sketch & Wear' Collection has been co-created by Materia Rica and a group of selected students from UAL. Each piece is designed to match Materia Rica's brand ethos while telling a unique story, with each original concept coming from the students themselves.


The collaboration was made in partnership with UAL's, not just a shop, which sells design products and artwork created exclusively by students and graduates from UAL whilst also supporting other developing student enterprises.




Touch Necklace 

This is my design, the TOUCH necklace. Influenced deeply by current affairs, as well as people and their personalities this necklace artfully depicts one of the strongest and most symbolic senses in the human body: touch. Particularly in these challenging times, touch recalls the feelings of need, support, and connectivity. I captured these moments of intimacy through a realistic representation of connection, portraying the simplicity as well as the complexity of human feeling.


The necklace can be purchased via 

Materia Rica and/or UAL Notjustashop

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