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Freestyle Rapper - Harry Mack

I started researching existing freestyle rappers so that I could note what makes a successful rap event and potential artists I could base my event on. Harry Mack was the first artist who came to mind as he is very well known for his individual and unique freestyle rapping. He initially started gaining attention after his Venice Beach Freestyle video went viral. He constructs freestyle raps by combining any random prompt with rhythmic improv. As prompts he tends to use either spectator’s clothing, street signs, or word suggestions from his audience. In his videos you can watch him jumping from one person to the next incorporating their t-shirts, hats, and even watches.

“What’s so cool about free styling is once you master the basic techniques,” Mack tells NPR’s Morning Edition, “It’s kind of infinite. As long as someone is feeding me something to incorporate, I can kind of do it forever.”

Harry Mack has a background experience in jazz drumming which further emphasises his fasciation with improvisational music. He effortlessly manages to merge instrumental jazz improvisation with poignant messages of hip hop lyricism. He’s currently touring America in 2022 where he uses the audience’s word suggestions that are projected onto the screen to keep the flow going, for example “fancy shoes”, or “penguin learns to fly”, as seen in the video below. He has produced a YouTube series called “Guerrilla Bars” that has accumulated millions of views, as well as releasing weekly live streams that encourage positivity and keep fans engaged. He has been able to entertain, astonish, and influence millions of people leaving them with raps they cant wait to share with others.



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