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Reportage illustration - exhibition

The aim of the project is to depict personal stories by sketching street scenes, documenting personal stories or raising awareness of certain issues through recording communities’ experiences.

Once we had created some of our own observational drawings in the form of visual journalism, having produced narrative work, we were then divided into certain categories. These related to the things we had based our work on so far. The categories included themes such as ‘People/communities’, ‘Architecture/colour’, ‘Loneliness’, ‘Personal Space’ and ‘Transport/Travel’. We were separated into these groups so that we were able to exhibit our work by presenting a collection of events to form a reasoned record of an important current issue.

I was part of the group ‘People/communities’. We were left with the decision on how to exhibit our work. In previous years students had created A3 double page spreads for each chosen theme, which would be displayed on the walls. We would also need a speaker who would briefly explain our process and give a short statement about the work. Our aim was to raise awareness on the issue that everyone feels extremely disconnected living in London, but in actual fact there's several things that connect us all together, making our lives very similar. We decided to display our work as a giant concertina book, instead of creating a double page spread. This represents our theme and how we intend on bringing people together which we also showed by connecting the work together into one combined concertina.

We started off by noting down everyones individual work and what it was focusing on so that we could distinguish how we could make it relate together. We put together an order so that we were able to turn it into a story. The story began with morning activities such as dog walking, following through to the afternoon which included places like markets and working environments, then moving onto evening performances and concerts and lastly nightlife. By creating this story we were able to tell the narrative of someone who could be living in London, and we covered every aspect of daily life. We were hoping that the audience would be able to recognise themselves in any one of these moments and enable them to feel connected with the idea of being in London.

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