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'Under the Skin' compositional sketches

A composition can be described as a range of elements that make us see the whole picture. Before thinking about my final piece for ‘Under the Skin’, it was important for me to think about different compositions before hand. I’ve drawn sketches that focus solely on the protagonist, as well as ones that include the setting of the narrative too. As the whole story centres around the main character, I found that this was the most important aspect to focus on. Most of the film scenes depict the protagonist driving around the streets in her van, looking to lure in her next victim. As this took up so much of the film, I decided this sound be my focal point.

These are just initial sketches based on composition to help me decide on my final piece. I noticed it was necessary for me to fill up more of the frame with the main character. As she is the most vital part to the story, filling up the frame with her will represent her significance, as opposed to having her take up a small section of the image, making the character seem unimportant.


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