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Affordable Art Fair & Jude Hart

I visited the Affordable Artfair in Battersea that showed a collection of works being represented by over 100 galleries. I was expecting to meet the artists themselves and didn’t realise it was actually just the galleries representatives that would be there on the day. Nevertheless, there were some great pieces of artwork, some of which gave me inspiration, others simply intriguing to look at.

I stumbled across one piece in particular that caught my attention titled ‘Lost Connection’ by Jude Hart. I looked up the artist later on who had graduated from Goldsmith’s over 20 years ago. Her work is influenced by the likes of expressing movement within grids and between shapes. I particularly like the way she has been able to form a connection between the shapes and it reminded me of how I’m trying to display a form of connection between the characters in the book for my front cover. On the gallery page that features her work they describe her work as having “an emphasis on formal concerns of pattern, rhythm, repetition, and order.”


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