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Penguin Student Design Award 2022

Chosen book:

Girl, Woman, Other

by Bernardine Evaristo - Adult Fiction


  • Create a book cover that illustrates the book

  • Create the cover based on the UAL criteria: Enquiry / Knowledge / Process / Communication / Realisation

  • Consider how you might differ from previous Penguin designs

  • Offer something original and different to the publication

Things to consider:

  • Role or fiction of a cover

-> Entice someone to read the book

-> Don’t give everything away

  • Give your interpretation with limited visual information

-> Allowing imagination from potential readers

  • Consider how you handle text & titles. Are you employing type or lettering?

  • How are the colour choices promoting the idea of the book?


Using UAL criteria you should work professionally to design a book cover that interprets the text of the book through your own research & imagination.

Top Tips:

  • Read / listen to the book

  • Pick out key words, phrases, imagery, themes, tone of voice etc. & visually respond to this

  • Don't get too caught up in covers that already exist

  • Download the template asap

  • Thumbnails !!

  • Consider type from the beginning

  • Don't forget the spine & the back cover


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