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Process & experimentation

Anna gave us some helpful feedback on how approach our illustrations, which included suggestions such as:

  • Make it bright, use a dominant colour in your artwork

  • Contrast is good - ie using a dark or black background

  • Use vivid colours to represent young people and their energy and excitement

  • Add text from the questionnaire to personalise the illustrations

  • Relate to the youth as much as possible

As my aim was to focus each illustration on a member individually, I thought this could be the perfect opportunity to use a dominant colour in my artwork. Each illustration would draw on a different participant of WCT, meaning I could use a different colour correspondingly. The idea was to draw each members personality while sharing what quality or characteristic WCT has brought out in them. As this was part of my questionnaire, I was also thinking about including the actual word they described within the illustration, as a way of personalising it even further.

I was aiming to make bright illustrations of the children on a dark background. These are my initial sketches. Although I used a bright, dominant colour, and a dark background to contrast this, the outcome wasn't what I was expecting. This could be due to leaving parts of the body unfilled, which in my opinion gave the image a rather eerie look instead of portraying a child that is excited to be part of WCT.

Because of this outcome I decided to reconsider my use of background. I thought maybe my illustrations would look more lively if I added more colour to them, rather than having a dull background. Again, I wasn't satisfied with this outcome either. I tried drawing a different picture to see whether it had the same negative effect. I used a different colour, corresponding to a different member of the group, but sketched her in a realistic manner to see if this would make a difference at all. Even though I used different shades of the same colour to achieve a realistic feel, I found the outcome dissatisfying and inadequate.

As my opinion didn't change, and I was still unsatisfied with the illustration, I decided I would stick with using a dominant colour in each artwork, but instead draw my protagonists in realistic colours. Instead of drawing them in only one colour, which gave the illustration an unnatural look, I decided to use my dominant colour in the background, and draw a realistic figure in the foreground. These are the outcomes I developed.


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