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WCT visit Part II

After having spoken to Anna during the feedback I was reassured to stick with my initial idea. She emphasised that we relate it to the youth over anything else, after obtaining as much data directly from the youth in the theatre. At first I wanted to use the 12 illustrations as part of a narrative, but later I decided it could work much better as a series combined.

WCT is determined to give their young audience a creative platform that lets them share their stories and ideas. So I decided to use my visit to the theatre as an opportunity to speak to participants individually, to establish what they have been able to get out of the theatre since joining. This would lead to me focusing each illustration on an individual member of WCT and their perspective of what they have gained.

As one of the objectives of the brief is to generate a greater awareness of the work done by WCT, I thought this would be a perfect way to illustrate the success it’s had on individuals, rather than to generalise the impact. Although some of these answers will be relatable to many members, it just shows the broad nature and effect WCT has.

As the aim is for my illustrations to be published on WCT website, I figured it would be a start that they already fit into their ideal on instagram that they already portray. The overriding theme of their instagram is photographs of workshops, including activities that the members of WCT take part in, as well as rehearsals and video content. I wanted my illustrations to be able to fit into that imagery as well, by creating illustrations that resemble similar features.

My 2 questions I asked and the responses I received:

What qualities or characteristics has WCT managed to bring out in you?

  • free-spoken (more open)

  • confidence

  • sociable

  • connectivity

  • vocal

  • entertaining

  • personal development

  • self awareness

  • open-minded

  • creativity

  • determination

  • daring

Are you able to demonstrate this characteristic in a form of movement?


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