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WCT visit Part I

Before I joined the first session of WCT, I prepared 2 questions I wanted to ask members of the group. (Questionnaire and pictures for it can be found on the following blog). I wanted to turn up to the session knowing what I wanted to get out of it, as this would help me progress for this project. I was aware that I would be interacting with unfamiliar personalities and was unsure as to whether my presence could affect their usual behaviour and therefore the responses I get when carrying out my primary research. Nevertheless, I tried as best I could to get to know the participants of WCT through engaging with them at a more personal and one-to-one level. I brought my camera, sketchbook and drawing equipment so that I could record any details I found prominent.

I was one of the first people to arrive at the session. This gave me the opportunity to meet everyone and also take in how everyone greets each other. Most of the children were in school uniform so I assume they join WCT after their day at school finishes. Members are also receive a chocolate bar on arrival.

In the space of half an hour people would drop in individually, this gave the others the opportunity to start by playing a game. They asked me to join in, and I admit at first I was slightly reluctant, but it turned out to be a perfect chance to get involved and made me feel welcomed. We played different variations of ball games while we waited for the rest of the members to arrive.

We then all joined a circle and Anna came up with an icebreaker so that everyone had the chance to introduce themselves and share who we are. It also gave us a starting point for conversation that ended up letting us share our current thoughts and worries about the current situation of coronavirus. It was nice to hear everyones opinions on the current matter and talking about it made everyone feel a little less anxious. It also showed me that the whole environment was very comforting and supportive towards everyone involved.

After everyone dispersed from the circle, members performed some of their personalised/work-in-progress scripts. This helped me gain an understanding of the personalities of each performer. I have attached footage I was able to record for reference.

Throughout the session I created quick sketches, as these are a less invasive form of capturing the environment and scene.


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