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Audience - an arts-based segmentation

Updated: May 27, 2020

Segmentation looks at engagement across a very broad spectrum of art events and activities. It is a market research method where a given market is broken down into distinct groups that behave in similar ways or have similar needs. This helps organisations to understand their markets, identify groups of consumers they would like to target and develop products and communications that anticipate their needs.

Why is segmentation important for the arts?

  • Not all people are the same, or share the same attitudes, opinions and motivations about the arts

  • People’s differing attitudes, opinions and motivations shape behaviour: it can show how and why people are likely to engage with the arts

This is data I used from the Arts Council England, showing the different arts consumer segments across English adults. I applied their data to form my own demographics relating to my Independent project.


  • Typically young, roughly 20-28

  • Most live in urban areas, a quarter living in London

  • Often higher female ratio

  • Well educated, with over two thirds holding higher education qualifications,

  • Time to devote to their many leisure interests

Other relevant characteristics and qualities:

  • Dynamic, believe in seizing life’s opportunities

  • Seek new experiences through travel and food and have an interest in other cultures

  • Describe themselves as optimistic, creative and open-minded

  • More actively engaged in the arts

  • Interested in a broad range of arts, particularly contemporary arts

  • Frequently attend at a range of events such as live music, exhibitions, video or electronic arts events, public art displays and culturally-specific festivals

  • Already engaged and interested in new experiences

  • Highly connected socially and once engaged could be used to engage others

  • Keen interest in the arts, it forms part of their identity

  • Their interest in the arts extends into their hobbies - in their leisure time many often enjoy textile crafts, playing a musical instrument or painting

  • When reading magazines - topics of interest include film, science, new product reviews, travel, fashion and arts


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