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Honest depiction of Coronavirus

Although my aim is to create a positive magazine style lookbook, it was also highlighted to me that I should try not to come across as ignorant to the situation, or trying to sugarcoat it in any way. I appreciate this and I'm very aware that everyone is dealing with the current pandemic very differently, and it has affected people all over the world in individual ways.

My magazine is still aiming to share uplifting content, but as it touches on current affairs, reportage and life issues, it’s not in my best values to only depict the inspiring stories. I’ve chosen some of my values to be trustworthiness and transparency, by being able to share information but doing so honestly. And oftentimes it can be in other people’s best interest to share these perspectives as it means they may learn something constructive or beneficial to themselves.

In order to add more diversity to my magazine, I decided to go out and take photographs on my way to the shop. These pictures depict an honest representation of how people currently go about in Lewisham. The majority of people can be seen wearing masks. Most shop windows are closed, covered in either coronavirus signs or positive drawings dedicated to the NHS. And of course there’s countless queues outside the essential shops, with a 2 metre distance between each person.



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