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Blog inspiration leading to my own mockups

Updated: May 13, 2020

As artist research I decided to look into how brands are responding to the current crisis, including how freelance artists may be encouraging how to keep yourself busy and entertained throughout lockdown.

The UAL photography department has its own online blog and is using it to regularly upload content including insight and inspiration on how to keep staying creative during lockdown. I particularly liked one blog post written by Alex Wojcik, which I've attached below:

Rather than just researching, I became inspired and started taking my own photographs capturing the ‘banality of everyday life’. I started focusing on various objects around my flat. I took a lot of close-ups in an attempt to draw attention to simple things I am surrounded by. Although they may not be original or fascinating items to start off with, I've tried to create some compelling photographs by combining contrast, light and simplicity.

I then started considering ways in which I could present these photographs in my magazine. Below are some mockups.


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