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Interior Screen Prints

For my first screen prints of this project I illustrated one of the windows in my current house. Just like all the other parts of the house, the window itself is pretty crooked, wonky, and broken. As well as being faulty itself, it also has absolutely no view of anything but a wall.

The poor qualities of the window are something I wanted to emphasise, as it’s a reflection of how I feel when I’m in the space. I trialed with the placements of the colours by printing onto acetate first, so that I could make sure the placement was exactly how I wanted it each time. The off-centre prints worked best in terms of creating a sense of aloofness, because nothing is straight or fits in the right place. I experimented with a muted and limited colour palette to try to communicate feelings that represent being miserable, out of place, and generally just gloomy and distant. Although I wanted to use a limited colour palette I did still apply contrasting colours in order to make the print pop, as I feared that otherwise it would simply be a dull outcome.

I purposefully didn’t print the background (the interior of the house) as a flat colour, again, to represent feelings of discomfort within the space. I used both Patrick Caulfield and Katy Walsh as reference for these window screen prints. Caulfield for his ability of combining flat images with objects in the foreground, and Walsh as inspiration in terms of patterns.


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