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Quotes for my magazine

While thinking ahead about what my articles / spreads may include, I started looking up quotes I can use and adapt for some pages. These quotes are in relation to the current pandemic, but tend to act as motivation, reminders and are positive ways to help us deal with these circumstances:



How to stay connected during social distancing:

  • What can you create with yourself in isolation? Get lost in an art form. Is there a book you’ve been wanting to read or write? Create a sanctuary within your environment and structure time each day to dive into something you’re passionate about.

  • How can you spread kindness without spreading germs? Acknowledging someone’s presence with eye contact, a warm smile, or a good deed can help boost camaraderie in a time that feels so isolating and divisive. In order for us to remain healthy, we need others to stay well too.

  • Who are the people with you during this time? How can you deepen those relationships? What are they feeling a lot of recently? Take time to go deeper with them than just updates on the news. Get updates on your loved one’s inner lives as well. We all need it.

  • Spread digital acts of kindness. Everyone is in a state of panic and fear right now. We need each other’s love, even from afar. Whether it’s a loving reminder, a call, or a funny meme. Spread love especially with people you can’t see face to face.

  • Set an intention for yourself during this time. Regardless of how long this goes on, what internal promise do you want to create? It’s tempting to focus on all the uncertainties, but what is something you want to ensure within yourself?

  • What is bringing you small (or big) moments of joy throughout the day? Lighting a candle, exercising, FaceTiming a friend. Tune into moments you’re feeling joy and create more moments like that for yourself, as often as possible.



When this is over, may we never again take for granted the simple things in life. A handshake with a stranger. Full shelves at the store. Conversations with neighbours. A crowded theatre. Friday nights out. A routine checkup. The Monday morning rush. Coffee with a friend. Each deep breath. A boring Tuesday. Life itself.

Laura Kelly Fanucci

We become so attached to a constant life that we sometimes fight against change even when it’s for the better.

Nicole Addison

Unfunny reminder that in the midst of people telling you to check on your friends you should also be checking on yourself. There are a lot of extremely harmful behaviours that isolation lends itself to. For example, I know everyone is joking that they’re drinking too much, but I firmly believe that there are people who are developing a very serious addiction at the moment; that impulsive, harmful behaviours are being used in order to escape the boredom. I know the current culture is to not regulate drinking/etc unless its a ‘real’ problem… But constantly be checking in on your behaviours and desires surrounding addictive actions. You deserve that much.


Self care

With every act of self care your authentic self gets stronger, and the critical, fearful mind gets weaker. Every act of self care is a powerful declaration: I am on my side; each day I am more and more on my side. Knowing who you are and staying true to yourself is the ultimate form of self care.

Susan Weiss Berry

She’s noticed that during quarantine that some of her female peers have grappled with being truly alone - but Eggerue said she prefers to be by herself, and adapting to isolation has been a part of her evolution.

“Truthfully, seeing so many people lamenting over having to self-isolate without their boyfriends or their partner, or seeing a lot of straight women saying they’re waking up every day feeling bereaved about not being able to see their partner, made me realise how free I am, because I don’t feel that way about men,” she said. “I’ve allowed myself to cultivate a freedom where the presence or absence of a man in my life doesn’t affect the quality of it, and it shouldn’t.“

Chidera Eggerue


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