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Ruairi Fallon & Zsofia Schweger

As part of my research I looked into how other artists depict spaces and memories within them. The work of these two artists I found most relevant to my project. What I found particularly interesting was their ability to depict presence without actually including figures in their pieces.

Ruairi Fallon doesn’t believe it’s possible to own our own space, so in his paintings and sculptures he creates a “record of spaces and experiences that exist on a temporary basis”. He’s aware that these spaces are temporary and will therefore shorty be broken down and often forgotten about. His paintings capture moments and feelings within a space knowing that these are short-lived; giving them even more value.

Zsofia Schweger paints realistic viewpoints of personal space through minimalist compositions using a muted colour palette. Inspiration of her work comes from her experience of moving from one place to another. She grew up in Hungary, lived in America for five years where she studied, before moving to the UK where she currently lives. Her paintings highlight human connections to spaces, as well as the concept of home and belonging. When first glancing at her work I saw empty interiors until I noticed little detail such as two filled wine glasses. Though she doesn’t include people in her paintings, she adds slight suggestions of elements that are just out of sight. It made me imagine a whole scenario in my head of what could be happening in this painting from this tiny hint she included. Her work makes you question what home is and where you feel at home through her paintings that convey feelings of both comfort and alienation.


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